Are you at the crossroads of choosing the right braces for your orthodontic journey? O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics in Reno, NV, is here to provide you with a thorough guide on the two primary options: metal braces and ceramic braces. Keep reading to learn the main aspects that can influence your decision and lead you to a confident, beautiful smile.

Durability and Maintenance

Metal Braces: Constructed from high-grade space-age metal alloys, metal braces are the most common and popular choice in orthodontics today. Robust and durable, self-ligating metal braces are resistant to breakage and are a smaller and more comfortable design compared to traditional metal braces.

Ceramic Braces: While durable, the ceramic material is more fragile than metal and requires careful handling to avoid chipping. Additionally, the elastic ties may need extra attention to prevent discoloration.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal Braces: Known for their reliability and effectiveness, metal braces offer the option of adding colored elastics, giving you a chance to express your individual style.

Ceramic Braces: If a subtle appearance is a top priority, the clear materials of ceramic braces make them less conspicuous, appealing to those with aesthetic concerns.

Optimizing Oral Hygiene

Metal Braces: Regular oral hygiene practices like twice per day brushing and flossing are essential to prevent plaque buildup around metal brackets.

Ceramic Braces: Due to their clear components and larger brackets, ceramic braces may require extra attention to prevent staining – especially with certain foods and smoking. Diligent oral care is crucial for maintaining a bright, healthy smile.

Cost Considerations

Metal Braces: A more budget-friendly option, metal braces are a practical choice for those seeking effective orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic Braces: The advanced materials used to make these types of braces discrete may come with a slightly higher price tag.

At O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics, we aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Our financing options provide cost-effective solutions, making braces a financially viable choice for eligible candidates.

Partner with O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics in Reno, NV for Your Orthodontic Journey

Choosing between metal and ceramic braces is a big decision, and O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, durability, or cost, our team is committed to ensuring you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Our team of experienced orthodontists is dedicated to providing personalized care. Take the first step towards a confident smile and schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. Let us customize a treatment plan that aligns with your goals and start your smile transformation today!


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With a highly trained, professional staff

We will develop a treatment plan to achieve your dream smile

With a highly trained, professional staff

We will develop a
treatment plan to
achieve your dream smile