As your go-to orthodontic experts in Reno, NV, O’Gara-Gilbert Orthodontics believes in arming our patients with the information they need to make the best choices for their oral health. Keep reading as we dismantle common myths and misconceptions about braces and orthodontic care!

Myth 1: Braces are Only for Children and Teens

This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions. The reality is, orthodontic treatment is not limited by age. Adults also require and can benefit from orthodontic care. At O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics, we provide personalized treatment plans for patients of all ages, helping everyone achieve their best smile.

Myth 2: Braces Are Purely Cosmetic

While braces indeed contribute to a more aligned and attractive smile, they aren’t just about aesthetics. Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can lead to several dental issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or even difficulty in speaking and chewing. By correcting these, braces can significantly improve oral health.

Myth 3: Braces Are Painful

Yes, you might experience some discomfort when you first get braces or after adjustments, but calling it ‘painful’ would be an exaggeration. With advancements in orthodontic technology, the process of getting braces is more comfortable than ever.

Myth 4: Braces Take Forever to Work

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from one individual to another, depending on the complexity of the issues. Some people might require braces for just a year, while others might need them for three. At O’Gara-Gilbert-Silvaroli Orthodontics, we discuss the estimated timeline upfront to set the right expectations.

Myth 5: Braces Cause Marks on Teeth

Some people fear that braces will leave permanent marks on their teeth. This only occurs if you neglect oral hygiene while wearing braces. With proper care and cleaning, there’s no reason to worry about marks or discoloration.

Myth 6: Once Braces Come Off, Your Teeth Stay Straight Forever

While braces do a great job of aligning your teeth, it’s crucial to follow up with retainers to maintain this new alignment. Teeth have a natural tendency to shift back to their original positions, and retainers prevent this from happening.

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With a highly trained, professional staff

We will develop a treatment plan to achieve your dream smile

With a highly trained, professional staff

We will develop a
treatment plan to
achieve your dream smile